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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is a powerful mapping and analysis tool for land trusts seeking to conserve nature, enhance communities and support rural economies and culture.

GreenInfo Network, a non-profit technology organization that helps other public interest groups with GIS, created this web site as primer for how to best make use of GIS technology. This site is revised from the earlier If you arrived here via web search, it may be for an older page that no longer exists — please browse the current content or contact us with your question.

The information in this web site is mainly organized according to your capacity with GIS:

  • Basic - for those who are just learning to use or are occasional users of GIS
  • Advanced - for those who have actively used GIS and may have had college-level training or other courses
  • Expert - for those who have a number of years actively using GIS for challenging projects

Learn more about Best GIS Practices for Land Trusts (PDF, 650kb)