About Land Trust GIS is a project of GreenInfo Network. This edition of the site has been streamlined from the 2004 original and updated, but retains the basic approach of organizing information by level of land trust capacity.

GreenInfo Network is a twenty year old nonprofit that works as a consultant to other public interest groups and public agencies on a wide range of geospatial technology projects. We develop data, maps, analyses, websites, web mapping applications and communication products for 80-100 groups annually, many of them land trusts. You can see examples of what we do at - start a discussion with us about your potential project.

You can view examples of GreenInfo’s projects for land trusts on our web site (note that many land trust projects we do are confidential and we cannot show those projects publicly).

LandTrustGIS current does not have a regular source of support - if you have recommendations for or can offer support, please contact GreenInfo Network.