Land Trusts Using GIS

The following are just some of the scores of land trusts who use GIS and who have posted publicly available map images or interactive maps on their websites:

Non-Profit GIS Consultants

These are nonprofit organizations who can provide GIS consulting services to land trusts, in addition to many commercial consultants:

Conservation Planning and Training

Visit these links to learn more about conservation planning and training opportunities:

A book was published by LTA in 2011, Strategic Conservation Planning, by Ole Amundsen, a long-time Land Trust Alliance partner.  It can be ordered directly from the LTA website:   "Strategic Conservation Planning provides you with the process and tools to identify, prioritize, pursue and protect the land that will most effectively and efficiently achieve your conservation mission."

Strategic Conservation Planning cover

GIS and Mapping Web Links

The web has an enormous array of resources about GIS and mapping - here are some selected links (download GreenInfo Network's "What's Going On With GIS" LTA workshop handout for a full list)

Jobs in GIS

The following are major web sites that focus on jobs in GIS and related fileds:

"Skyline Trail" by Tony Webster is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0